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The Fila Brasileiro, also called the Brazilian Mastiff, the Brazilian Guard Dog, the Brazilian Molosser, the Dogue Brasiliero and the Cao de Fila, is an old breed dating back to the 1600s, when it was used by Brazilian ranchers for all types of hunting, guarding and herding. Originally developed to hunt large game, including wild boar and jaguar, this breed is naturally distrustful of strangers and can be extremely aggressive. Filas bond closely and strongly with their people and are not recommended for novice dog owners.


If you are brave enough and believe the Fila Brasileiro is the right breed of dog for you, check this link and learn how to choose the right breeder for your puppy:

How to find the right breeder for your puppy

Domingo-What? I'm busy!

If you live in the USA, you can check some breeder’s in good standing with CBKC or the CAFIB (CAFIB is an organization that is solely engaged to the Fila Brasileiro. CBKC is the Brazilian Kennel Club and they are engaged to all FCI recognized breeds. The CAFIB and CBKC standards have many similarities but also some differences. 1 of the big differences is the color) information below:


  1. Força Kennels
  2. Houndmaster Filas
  3. Lion’s Den Filas


  1. Personal Bodyguard Fila
  2. Poco da Onca

fila. winning pose by red_1


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