Brazilian Dogo

Brazilian Dogo (Dogue Brasileiro) is a Molosser-sort canine breed beginning in Brazil. The Dogue Brasileiro or Boxer Terrier is not a thoroughbred canine. This breed was created in the 1980’s in Brazil. It is a multi-era go between the Boxer and the English Bull Terrier. It inherits attributes of both and created a few qualities of his own choice for a reason. The motivation behind Dogue Brasileiro was to protect, particularly against the eminent auto jaking in the Latin American nations, and Brasil specifically. Such an errand requests a minimized however intrepid canine. It is neither recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) nor the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, it has the official national recognition of the Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia (CBKC) where it belongs to the Group 11 – Breeds not recognized by the FCI.

Brazilian Dogue posing for the camera.

The original developer of the breed was a Bull Terrier breeder Pedro Pessoa Ribeiro Dantas from Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. In 1978, his neighbor asked him to cross one of his Bull Terrier males with the neighbor’s female Boxer. However, also Pedro himself liked one of the female puppies born out of the mating and decided to take her. He named her Tigresa after the brindle markings on her coat. As Tigresa grew, she turned out to be a very pleasant and promising individual: she was extremely affectionate, obedient, quick-to-learn, physically balanced, strong, and vigorous. Moreover, she lacked the extreme characteristics typical to the modern Bull Terrier, being much more functional and agile. She was also physically stronger than both an average Bull Terrier and an average Boxer. At the same time she was an excellent guard and very tolerant towards Pedro’s Bull Terriers: when they tried to provoke her, she rather eluded the attacks by her better physical agility and balance than by using aggression.

After noticing the great qualities of Tigresa, Pedro started to gather information from other people who had purchased a puppy from the same litter. The response was that the dogs had become physically vigorous and excellent guards, at the same time being very gentle and affective towards their families. Therefore another mating between a Bull Terrier and a Boxer was made by using different dogs than in the first litter.

Brazilian Dogue puppies in the yard.

The Brazilian Bull Boxer Club was founded in 1986 and its president is Pedro Ribeiro Dantas himself. The breed was officially accepted by the CBKC in 1999 and the today’s version of the breed standard was published in 2007. Nowadays there are 2000 pure-bred dogs in the official registry of the Bull Boxer Club – however, the number also includes many dogs that have already died. There are breeders in many different states of Brazil and the breed has grown popularity since the 1990s. Although the Brazilian Dogo is not recognized by the FCI, it does not bother Brazilian breeders and fanciers of the breed: actually, the president of the Bull Boxer Club has stated that the FCI’s current principles do not meet with the breeding philosophy of the Dogue Brasileiro.

The Brazilian Dogo is an active and balanced, yet alert, fearless, and watchful dog with a strong guarding instinct. Towards its family, it is obedient, gentle, and affectionate. However, it is serious towards strangers and will be ready to attack if provoked. It should not demonstrate aggressive behaviour without a clear reason – such as purposeful provocation – not even with other dogs. Instead of the more common working trial, a specific character trial is demanded for the breed to reach championship in Brazilian dog shows.

Dogo Brasileiro puppy.



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