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Today the Oldenburg Association or Verband has over 220 approved sires and 7000 mares in addition to the 96 sires and 1300 mares that are part of the “Oldenburg International” breeding program for show jumping. These figures make Oldenburg one of the largest studbooks in Germany. Oldenburg is the largest studbook in terms of breeding area.

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Dreamscape Farm is proud to present Novalis

Each autumn, the Oldenburg Verband holds the “Stallion Days” in Vechta (the capital of the Vechta district in Lower Saxony, Germany) during which the young stallions undergo their licensing evaluation. After the results of the licensing are announced, many are auctioned off to new homes at stallion stations, or as gelding prospects bound for performance homes. The “Old Stallion Parade” occurs on the last day, showcasing all the fully approved, performance tested stallions. However, this event is not just a pageant, as the offspring of mature stallions are subject to intense scrutiny. The best stallions of their age class, based on their offspring, receive a “premium” or award for their achievements in breeding.

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Harmony’s Rousseau – Hassler Dressage at Riveredge, Maryland-USA

The Oldenburg Verband places special emphasis on mare lines, many of which trace back to the Alt-Oldenburg ancestors. Selected from the mare inspections throughout the year, the best young mares are invited to the Elite Broodmare Show in Rastede. There they compete not only for the States Premium – originally a bribe to keep breeders from exporting high-quality broodmares – but for the title of Champion Mare.

Nowadays, The Oldemburg Horse Breeders Society has more than 70 active members who offer the best stallions, foals and mares in US and Canada:

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