Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier, commonly called Fox Paulistinha, is a breed of dog developed in Brazil. It is one of several terriers probably descended from the combining of the Fox Terrier with other small breeds.

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Brazilian Terrier in the yard.

The Brazilian Terrier is one of the few native breeds to Brazil. Jack Russell Terriers, brought to Brazil from Europe in the 19th century, served as the nearest probable ancestor to the Brazilian Terrier. Other breeds used for this dog’s development were the crossing of Miniature Pinschers and perhaps large Chihuahuas. The Brazilian Terrier is said to be popular in Brazil, but almost unknown outside that country. Although this breed has been in existence for 100 years, the breed has only been registered since 1973. They are used for both pack and single hunting. When working in packs, they surround their prey from all directions until the animal is exhausted.

The breed standard for the Brazilian Terrier describes them as, “Restless, alert, active and keen; friendly and gentle to friends, suspicious of strangers.” They are similar to the Jack Russell in some respects, but are not as hyper as the Jack Russell has the reputation for and are more suitable with children, and, as mentioned above, is referred to as the “nanny dog” in Brazil. We find them to be lively and yet able to be calm. They are willing to learn, sometimes stubborn, but usually easy going and full of fun.

3 Months old Brazilian Terrier.

Beautiful, tri-color markings are characteristics of the Brazilian Terrier. A background of white is usually found with spatters of black, brown or blue patches. Brown, blue or black heads with white markings are characteristics of the breed.

Brazilian Terriers are at heart, like all terriers, hunters. They are great for mice, rats, and will hunt any small animals. Fearless, they are determined to get whatever they go after. As we found out, even a skunk spraying one in the face is not enough to deter their determined, hunting hearts. They are a delight to watch in action.

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They make good companions. Loyal and good company for anyone who loves dogs. They are a light-hearted dog with a happy, lively disposition that is pleasant to work with.

They are also useful in herding. They have a natural herding ability that can make short work of moving small livestock or poultry to their desired location.

They are excellent watchdogs. Sure to let you know there is an intruder, they will also respond well to learning to hush after you are on the scene to handle the situation. It is important to properly socialize young dogs so they do not become possible threats to guests.

The Brazilian Terrier is an intelligent dog and trainable. They do well in obedience and agility training and competitions. Quick learners, they tend to progress quickly in a training program. They are a delight to work with and can keep pace well with a high energy type of person.

Brazilian Terrier looking at the camera.


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