Why Dogs Drag Their Butts Across the Floor:

When a dog sits and pulls itself around with its front legs in an effort to scratch an itchy butt hole. It’s an act that is often unexpected and hilarious (if it’s not on your rug.)
Nancy – “Do you like our new carpet?”
Thomas – “You’re so brave to install white carp-HAHA, Muffin is totally scooting by the chair!”
Nancy – “MUFFIN! NOO!”


Where a dog drags his bottom across the floor, usually indicates a problem with your pup’s anal glands — in some dogs, they can become impacted and need to be expressed, or emptied of fluid or a tapeworm. Another possibility? Your dog may have just defecated and is cleaning his back end.

Anal Sac Problems. Despite what humans might feel about the matter, dogs communicate with their rear ends. Specifically, they communicate with the smelly, fatty substance that comes from the anal sacs located internally on either side of their anus. Anal sacs can sometimes become abscessed, blocked, or inflamed. This is especially the case in smaller breed dogs. In an attempt to relieve the pain and discomfort, a dog may start scooting. More info from the source …

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