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Italian immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century brought Volpinos with them to the new world. However most of these were crossed with other breeds, and so the Volpino never became a recognized breed in the U.S.


Most historians of the American Eskimo Dog (called the White German Spitz before WW1) agree that the Volpino is most likely one of the primary ancestors the Eskies, an all-white spitz. Standard Eskies are larger than Volpinos, though in the past few decades breeders have introduced miniature and toy Eskies nearer the size of a Volpino. A ten pound Eskie might be undistinguishable from a Volpino by any but an expert.

Today there are only a handful of Volpino breeders in the U.S., with dogs imported from Italy, and only a few dozen owners of Italian-registered Volpinos or their descendents. There are also dogs, often found in shelters, that closely match the Volpino breed standard and look, however it is impossible to tell if they are true Volpinos or a mix of other spitz types in America. These dogs tend to be champagne colored or champagne and white mixed. They are usually identified as “over-grown Poms”, “small Eskies” or a mix of these two, since the Volpino is unknown in the U.S.


Americans seem to have become interested in the Volpino, at least in terms of breeding and showing, after the year 2000. It is believed that Sherry Connolly of South Carolina had the first ever litter of American-born puppies from Italian-born parents in 2005. In July 2006 the United Kennel Club, the second largest in the U.S., recognized the Volpino and it is believed that the first time Volpinos were shown in the USA was at the Mason-Dixon Multi-breed Association (UKC) show near Louisville, KY, in November 2006. According to the American Rare Breed Association, only one Volpino from Canada has been shown in their shows over the years. The first-ever Champion Volpinos in the USA earned their Conformation Champion titles (with UKC) at the Ohio Fox Terrier Association’s Multi-breed show in Wapakoneta, OH, in April 2007.

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