Italian Volpino

Many Italians appreciate the finer things in life – wine, opera, fashion … the Italian Volpino. A watchdog and companion, the Italian Volpino is active, intelligent and intensely loyal, devoted to its family and home. And it has retained the classic good looks of its Spitz ancestors-alert foxy ears, an intently curled tail and a luxurious thick coat.

Volpino Italiano posing for the camera.

Spitz-type dogs were found throughout the ancient world. Specimens from this group have been found preserved in European peat bogs which anthropologists trace to 4000 BC. The remains—with curly tails, foxy heads, and small erect ears—have been found dating back over 5,000 years. These little pets wore decorative ivory bracelets and collars. Engravings of similar dogs were found in Greece, and these have been determined to date to about 400 BC.

The Volpino has been known and loved by Italian royalty for centuries, being a special favorite of the ladies. Although bearing a strong resemblance to the Pomeranian, the breed is much older and thus has a different background. The northern dogs found their way south very early in the history of domesticated dogs. The Keeshond is called a Lupino or a Volpino in Italian, meaning respectively wolfy and foxy (dog is understood). Despite his long history, the Volpino is unknown outside of Italy and is now quite rare even in his homeland.

Despite its small size, this dog was originally kept as a guard dog. Its job was to alert the large mastiffs to an intruder. However, due to their lovely temperament and intelligence they also became popular as pets.

Volpino Italiano puppy.

Although the Volpino Italiano closely resembles a Pomeranian, the two breeds bare no relation. This dog is known for its thick, soft coat that comes in a sold white, red, or champagne color. The Volpino Italiano weighs about 9 to 12 pounds at an average height of 11 inches.

This small dog breed is very energetic and lively. The Volpino Italiano is a good breed for a family dog as it has a loyal personality. This breed is known for bonding with its family and is very playful.

Because of the long and bushy coat, this dog breed requires weekly coat brushing and regular bathing. The Volpino Italiano requires a small amount of daily exercise.

Italian Volpino in the yard.


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