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The existence of Las Pampas Kennels is in all parallel to that of the Dogo Argentino breed. It all goes back to Argentina in 1944, where Raul Zeballos, an inquisitive boy, was receiving from his grandfather Argentine Senator Andres Brizuela, an education in canine breeds.


In 1948, Argentine middle-weight boxing champion Amado Azahar, from Cordoba, visited Raul’s neighbors home and brought news that Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez had developed the first Argentine breed of dogs, called Dogo Argentino.

Raul got spell bound with the news and for the following two years, begged his grandfather for a Dogo Argentino puppy.

After considerable effort from Senator Brizuela, on April 22, 1950, the developer of the breed, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez sent Raul “Dogo de Los Incas”, a two-month-old male DOGO ARGENTINO puppy.

In his book EL DOGO ARGENTINO, published in 1969 Dr. Agustin Nores Martinez selected “Kob de Las Pampas” as the typical specimen of the breed, in conformation, temperament and hunting ability.


Dr. Agustin also chose “Kob de Las Pampas” to open the registry of the Dogo Argentino breed and to illustrate its standard submitted with his request to Federacion Cinologica Argentina for recognition of the breed.

On January 17, 1970, Dr. Raul Zeballos brought the first six DOGO ARGENTINO’S to the United States of America. Later, in 1971, those puppies demonstrated their hunting ability before a group of Texas Lawmen.

By the end of the 1970’s Las Pampas Kennels relocated to Houston, Texas where its excellent DOGO ARGENTINOS continued to be bred.

After 1997 Las Pampas Kennels stopped showing their Dogo Argentinos, as an expression of their disagreement for the changes of the breed standard sanctioned by FCA and FCI.

Las Pampas Kennels are currently located in West Palm Beach, FL, where they continue their life-time commitment as Dogo Argentino breeders of excellence.

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