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Many historic facts and fables have been told of the famous Falabella in books, magazines and equine articles. It was said that the original Argentine little horses were decendants of Andalusian and Spanish Barb horses brought to Argentina by the Spaniards when they first arrived in the 15th century with the intent to conquer Argentina. They were defeated and the horses were left to roam free. Over several more centuries the harsh environment and inbreeding caused a reduction in size and produced naturally small horses.

Back in the 1840s, these small equines were seen within herds near the southern Buenos Aires area by Patrick Newell and he started to build his herd with the smallest he could find. It was from this point that selective breeding was started to develop a true small horse .This was over 150 years ago.  Patrick Newell worked with the small horses and his knowledge was passed to his son-in-law, Juan Falabella, who shared his knowledge with his son Emilio, who passed it on to his son, Julio Falabella.  As Julio worked with his father through his younger years, he gained all the knowledge his father had learned throughout his lifetime.

Over many years they used a variety of equines including the native Argentine Criollo horse and equines with Pinto and Appaloosa markings to breed down in size,  continually keeping the smallest and best quality in each generation.

By the 1950s, Julio took over his fathers Falabella Farm. He had created tiny sized Falabellas in every color including Pintos and some very rare and colorful Appaloosas which were his favorites. The greatest development and perfection of the Falabella breed was done by Julio when he created his tiny horses in many colors. With his dedication and knowledge, he was able to produce perfect little horses that were some of the smallest in the world. Once the tiny sizes in all the colors were attained, a century of natural heritage and breed development was completed, Julio set out to show his Falabella Miniature Horses to the world!

The Falabella is a rare Argentine breed of Miniature Horse that has been kept pure by breeding only pure Falabellas to other pure Falabellas for countless generations. It is known as the first and original Miniature Horse breed, yet the miniature size is secondary to their pure heritage. It is a true purebred due to their unique and historic ancestry, which is one of its greatest attributes. The other is the fact that the Falabella name is known and recognized all over the world. Breed ancestry has been kept pure by the Falabella Farm and by small groups of dedicated breeders who want to preserve their precious heritage.  The Falabella is an exquisitely unique horse that has always been rare due to the limited number within its pure ancestry gene pool. Estimates indicate that only a few thousand Falabellas exist in the entire world.  The most desirable feature of the Falabella and its primary value is that of its rarity and pure Falabella ancestry.  Falabellas are very pretigious to own and are highy prized by those who have them.

The FMHA is an International Registry for pure Falabella Miniatures all over the World and is one of the very FIRST Miniature Horse Breed Registries. The FMHA was incorporated in 1973 when Stuart Ericson and Anthony Garrullo purchased a group of Falabella Miniature Horses directly from Julio Falabella of the Falabella farm in Argentina. They were imported from Argentina to the United States in 1971. Ancestry pedigrees from the Imported Falabella’s were maintained and the Falabella’s were officially registered in 1973, giving FMHA the proud title of one of the very first Miniature Horse Registry Associations in the USA and the World.

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