Horseback Riding: Argentina

SAYTA, the Aymará word that means “where time stands still”, invites you to experience the Gaucho culture in a family environment centered around nature and the care of animals but with respect for tradition and local customs.

The warmth and hospitality you experience at Sayta will make you feel at home. The Ranch, an old house surrounded by fruit trees and animals, is located in Chicoana, a village full of history and culture, where Enrique and his team will share with you the values that contribute to the “Gaucho lifestyle”. There you will have the unique experience of enjoying the scenery, aromas, folk music, local wine and great food.

What’s more, you will have the opportunity to participate in several outdoor activities where you will be at one with nature.

SAYTA is a life philosophy, which will leave you with unforgettable memories of an amazing group of people, sharing in their passion for life, horses, nature…
You’ll say goodbye to a group of friends who will always welcome you with open arms.

They offer different services like adventure tourism, rural tourism, accommodation and tourism on the ranch and their specialty, horseback riding.

If you happen to be in Argentina and would like to enjoy an amazing horseback riding experience in the SAYTA Ranch, check the following link:


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