Breeders: Norwegian Buhund

This “herding Spitz” is bound to make its mark in the USA, as a sought-after family breed. In the country of origin, this dog was used for herding, hunting, and protecting around the farms in the rough climate of Norway. Extremely intelligent, and people oriented, they love to please. Medium size, easy care coat, and good disposition will make this breed your perfect companion.

In the USA, there are Norwegian Buhunds excelling in obedience, agility and herding competitions. There are also Buhunds in service as hearing ear and service dogs.

As a family pet, they enjoy being with their “people”.  Being an active breed they require regular exercise for their mental and physical well-being.  Average weight is 30-40 pounds.  They are a shedding breed, and “blow” their coat twice a year, but are a clean dog with little doggy odor.  They are also a vocal breed, using their bark to warn their family of strangers, squirrels, etc in their environment.

If you believe the Norwegian Buhund is the right breed for you, check the link below and learn how to choose the right puppy breeder:

How to find the right breeder for your puppy

In the following links you will find information about Norwegian Buhund breeders in the USA:

Kyon Kennels

Zodiac Ranch



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