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King of the Hungarian livestock guarding dogs, the Komondor, is one of the most unusual breeds seen in the United States today. A big muscular dog covered with dense, white cords. This coat protects the dog against the elements and predators on the Puszta of its homeland, Hungary.

The Komondor is a large dog with males standing at least 27 1/2″ at the shoulders, while females must be at least 25 1/2″ tall. Occasionally one may see a Komondor as large as 31″ or even bigger, but these cases are rare. While large, the Komondor is not an overly heavy dog. Males usually weigh more than 100 pounds and females more than 80 pounds.

Despite its size, the Komondor is astonishingly fast, agile and light on its feet. The quick movement, large size, unique coat and majestic appearance of the Komondor can be awe inspiring. A fearless dog, the Komondor’s main task is to guard flocks of sheep or other livestock against predators such as wolves, coyotes, feral dogs, or human predators. The nature of the Komondor is that of a calm watchful dog who thrives on responsibility. Komondors need something to watch over. Be it livestock, children, or a cat, a Komondor is happiest when taking responsibility for another’s well-being.

As a pet, the Komondor is quiet around the house, unless it perceives a threat to those entrusted to its care. If challenged, the Komondor becomes a fearless protector knocking down an intruder or breaking windows to protect its “flock”. In the field, the Komondor is vigilant and trustworthy, reducing losses and even caring for orphans.

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