Most famous celebrity pets

There aren’t many forces more powerful on the world wide web than celebrities and animals. And when those forces cross paths, watch out.

Celebrity pets don’t just have pics and videos to comprise their web presence. They have Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles, blogs and, in some extreme cases, their own staff of cleaners, pamperers and caregivers. With owners that are remarkably wealthy, these privileged pets are treated to the finer things in life (all nine of them, in some cases).

Our fascination with the furry friends of the famous extends beyond cute pictures that turn up in Google Image searches. They offer a window into the lives of celebs, showing off a human element to our favorite stars while also revealing something about them in their preference of pet. Some are cat people, some are dog people and some, as you’ll see from this list, are something else entirely.

Dating back to Elvis Presley‘s kangaroo and Michael Jackson‘s chimp Bubbles, stars have long been drawn to exotic, non-traditional animals that you can’t find at your local pet store. With cash to burn, stars are free to buy their way into their very own donkeys, pigs, snakes and kinkajous (see #3 for an explanation).

Here are 10 celebrity pets that you kind of hate yourself for knowing about, as well as some off-the-wall pets befitting of their celebrity owners:

10. Honky and Tonky (Reese Witherspoon)


9. Hannah (Britney Spears)


8. Max (George Clooney)


7. Moby and Sheba (Nicolas Cage)


6. Choupette (Karl Lagerfeld)


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