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Dachshund Dogs are a special breed of dog. So what makes the Dachshund so special? Dachshunds are a very loyal and affectionate dog and make a great pet for someone that has time and energy to spare. They are a very active dog and has big bursts of energy. Remember when taking them on walks that their legs are alot smaller than ours so 10 mile hikes are out of the question.

The name Dauchshund has a German decent / origin and means “Badger Dog”. Their body type was developed to be long and low to the ground so they could fit into badger dens. This is how the miniture Dachshund came to be. Hunters wanted smaller dogs in order to fit into the dens better and quicker.

The Dauchshund is a member of the hound group according to the American Kennel Club. As any good hunting dog the Dachshund has a great sense of smell. They make a great scent tracking hunter and was bred to track and dig out his prey, corner it, and bark to aleart the hunter who is waiting above ground.

They come in several varieties of color, hair types and sizes. The most common colors you will see on a Dachshund is red and Black & Tan. Now there are other variety of Dachshund colors as well. There are three hair types the short-haired Dachshund,long-hair Dachshund and the wirehair Dachshund Even though they all look and feel different they all have the same lovable spunk. The Standard Dachshund is from 16-32lbs and the mini is anything under 11lbs.

Children and Dachshunds make great compnions. Because of the size and energy this little guy has children do well keeping up with them. Do be carefull though kids a lot of time want to pick up and carry around little dogs. The Dachshund has a predisposition of back injuries. Please teach your child and family the propper way in picking up and holding your bundle of joy. They will be much happier and so will you.

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