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When considering Merinos, the fleece is always the starting point. The Merino fleece sits atop of the charts for its fineness! Merinos consistently register a Comfort Factor (CF) of 98% or higher. Consequently merino wool is often used in clothing that will be worn against the skin.

There are however, other reasons to consider this wonderful breed. This quote from a Merino breeder attests to the highly developed flocking instinct of the breed, “handling a flock of Merinos is like handling one sheep.” The nature of the sheep to stay together is a great advantage when moving your flock from one place to another.

The Merino is one of the best of the sheep breeds when viewed from their ability to flourish in extremes of weather and environment. Highly successful Merino flocks can be found from the rocky soils of New England to the lush pastures of the American mid-west to the arid outback of Australia.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the Merino is its ability to breed out of season. This trait is another reason, besides fine wool. that the animal is desired by the crossbred commercial breeder.

After lambing, the Merino mother proves her worth by readily caring for her lambs. While not originally known for multiple births, today’s Merino flock experiences twins 50% of the time. Some breeders have selected the trait and have achieved even higher birth rate.

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