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The Bulldog was originally thought to be a butcher’s dog, used to subdue an animal for slaughter. It was then bred to participate in the “sport” of bullbaiting, an extremely cruel activity. The original Bulldog had to be courageous, very ferocious and savage. It also had to be almost insensitive to pain. Many of the features in the current bulldog standard are derived from the physical requirements needed by these dogs.

When bull baiting was outlawed in England in 1835, the Bulldog, as it then existed, had outlived its purpose and would no longer exist as a breed. However, a group of Bulldog lovers felt that the breed should not disappear and decided to preserve it.

In order to preserve the breed, they had to remove its undesirable fierce characteristics, while preserving and accentuating its finer qualities. Within a few generations the Bulldog became one of the finest physical specimens of dogdom without the viciousness they previously exhibited. The people who saved the breed formed an organization that eventually became The Bulldog Club, Inc. – the “mother” club of the breed worldwide.

Constant learning, a knowledge of genetics and inheritance, familiarity with health issues, and understanding pedigrees is essential to develop breeding programs devoted to producing of healthy, sound dogs with good temperaments.

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