Breeders: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The plucky Dandie Dinmont is one of the brightest of the terriers — but also one of the most independent.

Undemanding, dignified, and relaxed in the home, the Dandie becomes bold and tenacious when his hunting/chasing instincts are aroused.

One look at his long, low-slung body and it’s obvious that this breed isn’t built for long-distance jogging or running beside your bike. He is content with daily walks and regular opportunities to play.

Though diplomatic with strangers, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is confident of his territory and makes a determined watchdog.

He doesn’t put on a macho posturing act with other animals, as some terriers do, but he is exceedingly tough and will not back down from a confrontation. Two adult males are definitely an unwise combination.

Assertive and strong-willed, with a definite mind of his own, he requires consistent leadership. Obedience training should include food rewards and praise, for the Dandie is sensitive and proud. Heavy-handed training only makes him more obstinate and uncooperative.

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