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Despite its misleading name, the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey is a uniquely American breed. There are approximately 10,000 of these donkeys in the U.S. today.

A Miniature Mediterranean Donkey in a competition

They have been bred carefully over many generations for size, disposition, and conformation to certain bodily traits. Size is the defining breed trait. An adult Miniature Mediterranean Donkey can not measure more than 36 inches tall, measured from the highest point of the withers. An exceptionally small animal could measure only 26 inches tall, but the average height is 33-34 inches.

The original two breeds from which Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are descended are both native to Mediterranean islands. One is native to Sicily and the other to Sardinia, but the two breeds are genetically indistinguishable.

They make such cute pets!

Miniature donkeys from Sicily and Sardinia were first imported into the United States in the early 1900s. These animals and their descendants were extensively bred with each other and with breeds of unknown ancestry to produce a distinctively American breed called Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys.

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys can serve as pack animals but are more often kept as companion animals. Because of their size and disposition, they are more easily handled than other breeds of donkey. They are known to be gentle, intelligent, and sociable. The miniature donkeys from which they are descended were bred as pack animals for hauling carts and carrying small loads.

If you want to buy a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, check the link below:

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A pair of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys


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