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The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was selected from an endemic breed present in the Carpatho-Danubian area. For centuries the principle criteria for selection has been utilisation, this dog having conserved its character intact to the present day.

A Carpathian shepherd with his flock

The first standard was written in 1934 by the National Institute of Zootechny. This standard was modified and updated in 1982, 1999 and 2001 by the Romanian Cynological Association. The Technical Committee of the R.C.A. adapted the standard on 30.03.2002 to conform to the model proposed by the F.C.I.

The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dog is a large-sized animal with a strong and robust body covered with fur. The head is also big, with strong teeth which produce a fair bite, while the snout is medium sized ending with a big, black nose. The ears, also covered in hair, are medium-sized too and always hanging down on each side or a bit backwards oriented when the dog is paying attention to something. Big waste dog, nimble, never clumsy, vigorous appearance. The body is rectangular, with a broad croup that is slightly inclined. It is vast and high-chested, and has a long and slightly inclined shoulder.

Adult Carpathian Shepherd Dog

The body is massive and sturdy, rectangular, rather long than tall a bit, has strong skeleton and a wide and tall chest. It is not a heavy dog. The head is strong, massive, solid, with a conical, well developed snout, a bit shorter than the skull, which is cambered. It has a moderate stop. The eyes are not too big comparing with head, almond-shaped, oblique, dark. They are not prominent and neither deepened in eyepit. The ears are V-shaped, caught a bit higher than the head’s level, round ended and floppy. The neck is thick and strong.

Owners of Carpathian Sheepdogs should give their dogs space to roam and take very long daily walks with them.

The Carpathian Sheepdog has a full, rough coat but needs little grooming. Because it was bred to be outside, its coat is fairly self-maintained with only an occasional brushing needed.

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Carpathian Shepherd

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