Also called the Hucul, Huculska, Hutsul, Huzul, Gutsul, Guculs & Guzuls, the Carpathian pony is a traditional Carpathian breed which is often referred to as the ancient one and comes from a region of eastern Carpathians that is now Romania.

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Hucul horse

These animals are named for a small group called the Hutsuls, although the horse breed is older than the people.

In 1856 the first stud farm was established in Romania and animals were carefully bred to preserve the pure bloodlines. Then in 1922 33 animals were sent to Czechoslovakia to establish a herd there as well.

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Much later in the early 1970’s the breeders founded an organization the Hucul Club to prevent a looming extinction and declining numbers. In 1982 a studbook was finally established with 50 pureblood animals. By 1994 the Hucul International Federation had been formed & today the breeds numbers are again on the rise.

Hucul ponies are usually calm with a good disposition, and are used for both hacking and pulling timber in otherwise inaccessible forested areas. They are usually bay, black, chestnut, or the grullo variation of dun, with a dorsal stripe and zebra stripes on the legs characteristic of the breed. Their conformation traits include a short head with a relatively short neck, compact body, short legs, and sound feet.

Hucul in competition


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