13 travel benefits for your mind

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Marvels of new places, meet new people and their culture, is undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of learning and experience. But there is another positive to take your bags and visit a new destination point: According to a recent study, led by social psychologist William Maddux, our mind is our body most benefit from each trip, and in ways that may not like you had stopped to think, according to an article which includes the popular website Buzzfeed.

… a lost island in Fidji
  • Increase your creativity: “People should be integrated into a new culture is more creative long term,” says the researcher. And so, as this process open your mind, it forces you to think in a different way and to handle yourself between ideas and different perspectives to the usual for you. This can be named with the term “cognitive flexibility”, and greater flexibility, more creativity.
Sri Siva Subramaniya Hindu temple, Nadi
  • Greater confidence: Relate with people from other parts of the world increases your faith in humanity. “While most countries know the people, their widespread sense of confidence increases,” said Maddux. See that the world may be going good things, it makes it easier to trust that others are doing things the right way.
  • Solve problems: Some studies, next to Maddux, have shown that students living abroad were 20% more inclined to solve problems than those who were not in a different country. This is how being exposed to the influence of another culture opens your mind in many ways, helping you to realize that there are multiple choice questions, and problems with many solutions.
  • Being humble: When you meet people with compelling stories, or visit powerless places you will rediscover how small a human on planet Earth and learn to give things their proper perspective.


Turkey, with 40 million international visitors, is the 6th largest tourist destination in the world

  • You’ll be more willing to try new things: On every trip you’ll meet interesting challenges, with activities or situations that face you never imagined. Some do not occur regularly, so you’re always ready to try and fill with incredible memories you’ll never forget. But it also moves into your daily life.
  • Clearer mind: Being in touch with nature full of clear your mind; being in open spaces, it allows you to breathe large amounts of air that refresh your senses. In a new study in the journal Environmental Psychology, researchers found that people who simply saw a picture of nature for only 40 seconds had improved focus and implementation of its next task. You would not need to go outside, but the results will be better if they are in direct contact with nature.
Enlightenment in nature
Yoga and Relaxation
  • It helps you reinvent: Travel as a process of reinvention is a fairly widespread idea. Many people take trips as an opportunity to devote time to themselves, to start a new beginning, or look for a sense of purpose in their lives. “Take a pause lets you pause, contemplate life and potentially mark a path in your projects. It allows you to analyze your present from a distance – physically and metaphorically, and more clearly.
  • Less fears: How to say no to the adventures you raise the holidays? During this season, you’re willing to risk. Matt Long, a professional traveler, author of the blog LandLopers and has traveled more than 75 countries agrees. “Over time I have conquered more fears, such as fear of being devoured by sharks, make mistakes when I’m learning a new language … Traveling has made me braver, in another country, but also at home.”.
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A South African cheetah silhouetted against a fiery sunset in Okavango Delta.
  • You will reach greater happiness: And not just because you can take time to relax and disconnect. A study in the journal Psychological Science an experience (like vacations) will make you feel happy, much more than tangible objects.
  • Highlight your return to work: A recent study by the U.S. Travel Association found that people taking holidays has 6.5% chance of getting a promotion at work, those who remain for months and months at their desks.
  • More patience: Think about how much to expect during a trip. Security at the airport waiting for your flight, find a place with free, locate an address in a city you do not know, wait bus / train / boat … Although they are things seem tedious, the end will leave learning and significant growth they are building a stronger long-term character.
Santiago de Compostela – Spain
  • Overcoming a loss: If you just lost something (a job, a loved one, an opportunity), Journey! Take a trip helps you to restore a sense of yourself and how you feel about your loss. To place you in unusual situations, forces you to strive to make the best of you, to challenge you and avoid working on “autopilot”.
  • It makes you feel more alive: You just live an experience that left you thousands of fun and challenging situations. No more to say to know that you will feel able to eat the world.


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