Dolphin Therapy

It is a technique that involves human interaction with dolphins (normally bottlenose species), which also involves a therapist. With the dolphin therapy trying to improve the quality of life of both children and adults with complicated health problems, and especially chronic and psychological diseases.

The dolphin is able to understand and communicate with children with severe disorders in a sensitive way that eludes traditional science “

It has been observed that the brain waves of patients in the presence of dolphins produce a harmonization between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which produces a state of peace and relaxation as happens when you make a meditation.

Australia is one of the most advanced countries in dolphin therapy applied to children with mental disorders, although centers are also known in Mexico, United States and Argentina, among others.

Principles of dolphin therapy.

Years ago, British specialists found that children with autism or cerebral palsy who lived with dolphins swam and had very good improvement in their mood, relaxed more easily and have more tolerance to physical contact.

Later American John Lilly, an expert in anatomy and neurological system of dolphins, began working with children presenting with neurological disorders, he made them play with the dolphins and recorded the changes occurring in them by an electroencephalogram. He also wrote important notes about the improvements seen in language, mood and movement.

From those little research, there have been others in the United States as scientist David Cole, who has made the cavitational hypothesis, which attributed to the sound of the dolphin ultrasonic frequencies that stimulate the patient’s central nervous system, which stimulates hormone release linked to relaxation and pain relief (such as endorphins).


The researcher Steve Beach, hypothesizes resonance, which includes a mathematical model to assess the energy shock waves generated by the dolphin on the nervous system of humans.

An ongoing study shows that these intelligent sea mammals receive and transmit sound signals capable of affecting the genetic double helix, and using natural biotechnology.

Fourteen years of multidisciplinary study in this area indicates that DNA, traditionally considered the “blueprint of life,” can be changed by the sound and electromagnetic fields generated by dolphins. A surprising report researcher Dr. Michael Hyson and others, examines the winding design DNA, its vibratory action and “electrogenetic” functions that occur during Bio-acoustic interactions between dolphins and humans.

The effects of noise and electromagnetism that dolphins produce the human body through DNA may best explain how that dolphin therapy is such an effective treatment.

Thank you very much for your help Dr. Dauphin

Benefits of dolphin therapy.

  • The ultrasonic waves emitted by dolphins generate endorphins and other substances that help to improve the connection between neurons, and also encourage the operation of both cerebral hemispheres.
  • Neurological and neurochemical changes generated result in various physical, emotional and intellectual benefits such as improvements in the immune system, improvements in motor coordination, mood, social contact, and language.
  • Improves nervous problems, especially in children.
  • It is effective as adjunctive treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity.
  • Offers very positive results in children with Down syndrome: Through therapy children learn from 2 to 10 times faster than those who do not take therapy and 50% of cases, could retain such lessons even a year after therapy.
  • In children with autism it helps improve your ability to pay attention and therefore optimizes the teaching.
  • Collaborates in the treatment of people with epilepsy.
  • Improving the conditions of people with motor, hearing and speech problems.
  • It has been observed by measuring brain waves of patients, they change in the presence of dolphins towards harmonization between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, producing a state of relaxation .. It is why the Dolphin Therapy is also used to treat depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Contact with the dolphins reduces pain and causes the immune system is strengthened, for it is used for people with chronic and terminal illnesses such as cancer.
  • It also applies to adults undergoing drug detoxification, anorexia and bulimia.
  • It provides improvements in adults with stroke sequelae of head trauma.
  • It reduces discomfort caused by pregnancy, reduce discomfort during labor, and stimulates the baby’s nervous system.

The dolphin therapy is commonly done through contact baths, through exercises, games and caresses between the dolphin and the patient. Through these contacts optimism increases, the patient relaxes, it increases safety and confidence.


The effects obtained are perceived from the first day and stay up to six months after therapy, which consists generally of six sessions of 15 minutes, one day per week.

In cases where you can not afford therapy, there are other alternatives such as “Cyberdolphin” which is a session with a virtual dolphin. In this mode, the patient lies on a waterbed and begins to hear sounds of dolphins speakers, while through its virtual reality glasses is surrounded by dolphins. Patients who have undergone this treatment ensures virtual grow tired as if I really had been swimming with the dolphins.



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