This doggy wasn’t able to close his mouth, so he got braces

You may remember when you were a teenager and you had to wear those pesky braces. Well, fear not! You are not alone in this world. This six-month old Golden Retriever couldn’t close his mouth, so his owners got him some braces.

This Dog Couldn’t Close His Mouth, So He Got Braces

Once his adult teeth started coming out, his owners quickly realized that he couldn’t close his mouth completely. He couldn’t play with his toys nor eat properly, and something needed to be done so he could live a happy and long life. And don’t worry, he wont be wearing them for long, just a couple weeks. What a lucky dog!

His name is Wesley and her owner is Molly Moore



Luckily, Jim (Molly’s dad) is a “dog dentist”
Look at that smile now!



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