A Stork has been flying over 13,000 Km for the last 15 years to see his soulmate!

Each year on August Klepetan, a male Stork, leaves his soulmate Malena in Croatia and migrates to South Africa. The reason? She can’t fly with him, as she was injured by a hunter 22 years ago! But still, she waits patiently every year for him to return. Klepetan has been returning like clockwork for the last 15 years every March.

Klepetan and Malena

Stjepan Vokić, a former school janitor, takes care of Malena while Klepetan is away. The birds have build their nest on top of the janitors house in the small town of Brodski Varoš, Croatia. The man is able to confirm that the stork returning is Klepetan. “He went straight to the bucket of fish, which was empty because I was not expecting him yet, and only he knows where to find it,” Vokić told Total Croatia News. “Then, of course, he went to the nest just like every other year. That’s Klepetan alright.”

Malena patiently waits for Klepetan every year


Stjepan Vokić, a former school janitor, takes care of Malena while Klepetan is away
The couple raises their babys every year


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