Meet Buddy, the lizard that acts like a dog!

When most of you think of the ideal pet you think of a dog, right? Well, not for Dave Durham the owner of a Cayman Brac Iguana that recognises his owner and loves being pet on the head! This “little fella” is called Buddy, and he is a lizard-dog! In this youtube video the reptile recognises his owner across the yard and comes running right to him!

The Lesser Caymans iguana, also known as the Cayman Brac iguana, Cayman Island brown iguana or Sister Isles iguana, is a critically endangered subspecies of the Cuban iguana (Cyclura nubila). It is native to two islands to the south of Cuba: Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, which are also known as the Sister Isles due to their similar shapes and close proximity to each other.

This subspecies is in decline due to habitat encroachment by human development and predation by feral dogs and cats. It is nearly extinct on Cayman Brac (less than 100 animals), and Little Cayman supports a population of about 1,500 animals.


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