Who will emerge victorious in this cat vs lizard encounter?

What happens when a little kitten and two lizards meet? Well, possibly everything you could expect. The kitten tries to sneak on the lizard’s back while honing her hunting skills and preparing for the war to come, but she did not realize that her nemeses was creeping behind her, ready to attack!

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

Fortunately, the kitten’s reflexes were so good that she managed to get out of harm’s way, living another day to tell the tale!

Here is a video of what happens, and decide for yourself, if the lizard is an evil mastermind or plain innocent!

And then, this is the cat version, depicting what was probably going on in the mind of the kitten! An intergalactic war between cats and lizards is coming! You have been warned, hooman!



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