This hero cat saves child from a dog attack!

A brave feline has proven that cats can be just as loyal as man’s best friend, by saving its young owner from a dog attack on a California street. In the footage, which appears to have been shot by a CCTV camera, a young boy is seen riding his bike on a driveway next to a parked car.

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A shot taken from a different angle then shows a sandy-coloured dog trot into view on the opposite side of the stationary vehicle, and run up to the child. Suddenly, the animal viciously bites into the boy’s leg and drags him from his bike onto the tarmac. Within seconds, the boy’s cat hurtles towards the dog and chases it away, while the boy’s mother tends to her son. Having dealt with the dog, the cat returns to the boy, and the family flees the scene.

At the end of the footage, the boy’s father assures viewers that his son is now safe and well – and shares a grisly photo of the boy’s wound which required stitches.



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