Time lapse of ants completely devouring a dead gecko in just a few hours!

This time-lapse video features a gecko that was found dead and the ants that used it as a meal. Over the course of a day and a half, the ants busily devoured the entire gecko, picking its bones completely clean. YouTube user JaGe090879, who posted the original video, also decided to post the film in reverse, making the ants look extremely helpful as they put the gecko back together.


Although it’s hard to tell for sure because of the quality of the video, the insects seen tearing apart the dead gecko are red imported fire ants, a species native to the floodplains of northern Argentina.

Fire ants have a sting and operate en masse to incapacitate prey. They could indeed have killed something the size of this lizard, although this particular specimen appears to have been dead from the start.



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