Cats vs Crabs

Curiosity is the “art of what-if.” And cats are famous for it. Put those two things together, and I think it says a lot about a cat’s intelligence potential. All cats exist in a constant state of tension between caution and curiosity. One emotion pushes them forward, then the other yanks them back. The whole time, their brain is running through possible scenarios. As long as they don’t know, they will continue to wonder… and be drawn to discovery.


This highly-strung state makes them vulnerable when they are investigating something. We should respect that. It’s never funny to surprise the cat in a sudden, physical, way. Let all their surprises be mental ones. Cats are natural born hunters and they mostly learn through trial and error, that being said, I can’t stop from feeling sorry for the first cat in the video compilation, but as they say “curiosity killed the cat”. Watch what happens when cats meet crabs for the first time.



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