Madrid: Rio Nevado Kennel, the best Labrador Retriever breeders in Madrid

Nestor Ruiz-Rivas is a biologist (zoologist) and an expert in genetics and ethology.  His passion for dogs comes since his childhood. In 1972 he bought his first dog with which he began training and later on, breeding. In 1986 he initiated in the world of dog shows and official breeding, and later on he started his RioNevado affix.  Since 1992 his wife, Arantxa Oteiza, joined him in his activity with canines with total dedication and sharing his passion for dogs in what they called the Brañosera affix.


They are in Brieva, province of Segovia, at the foot of the Guadarrama Sierra, which is 1,200 mts. high, in an extreme continental climate, cold and dry.  The Sierra has many forests and rivers where they take their dogs so they can run and swim.

They have 40,000 mts. of land in the most special natural conditions for their dogs. Since they do not like to keep them enclosed, they are in 10 x 20 mt. or 20 x 20 mt. lots, with a small house in the center which offers them shade at any hour and in which they can find cover and sleep when they wish to.

They are constantly working to improve their dogs’ quality and their physical and genetic health, and to preserve their instinct and rusticity along with the wonderful character which make their breed so special.

All their dogs have had eye examinations and electroretinography done (and they are clean) by Dr. Manuel Villagrasa, which guarantees they will not have nor will they transmit ocular diseases. All have undergone ADN tests to ensure the authenticity of their cross breeding.

Furthermore, all the retrievers have had x-rays to rule out dysplasia of hips and elbows (since 2005) and they have published the results.

In their web page they only include those dogs that are in the age of breeding or attending shows, as are all their dogs.  In the remote past, the other dogs have occupied important positions in their respective breed.   All have been part of Rio Nevado or Brañosera.  Some of them have been given away or sold to other breeders. If you would like more information about the kennel, please check their WebPage.



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