This man is finally reunited with his stolen dog after two years!

In Columbus, Wisconsin a man called Jose was left heartbroken after his dog Chaos went missing. He did  everything he could to find his pal, but to no avail. The word on the street was that Chaos had been stolen. There had been a spate of dognappings in the area at the time. Eventually, Jose gave up on his quest.


What happened two years later? Out of nowhere – the two were reunited! Chaos had been found in South Beloit, Illinois, which is around 80 miles away. Jose got a call totally out of the blue telling him. He only heard because he microchipped Chaos! “I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again. This has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and has made my entire week! Pay the microchip fee! That fee versus never seeing your dog again is totally worth it!” He says. Check the video and watch this beautiful moment!


Heart-Breaking Reunion For Man And Stolen Dog Reunited After Two Long Years Apart

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