Forget dogs, this russian family has a cuddly bear as a pet!

Named Stepan, the 23-year-old bear stands more than seven feet tall and is as friendly as any pet you’ve ever seen, the couple told Caters News Agency. Adopted as a three-month-old cub, Stepan grew into a lovable family pet that eats with them at the dinner table, consuming about 55 pounds of fish, eggs and vegetables each day, the report added.

In addition to the dinner routine, Stepan is also fond of watching TV on the sofa and cuddling with his human family, according to India Today. He’ll water the plants and enjoys playing soccer with Svetlana and Yuriy to earn his favorite treat – condensed milk – the Daily Mail said. Stepan was found by hunters as a young cub, lost from his mother and in bad shape, Metro UK reported. He was adopted by the Panteleenko family soon after, the report added.



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