Another Baby Dolphin Killed by Photo-Seeking Tourist Mob On Argentina Beach

A baby dolphin results dead this weekend after a crowd of people dragged the animal out of the water for taking photos and selfies. This video published by Argentina news outlet La Capital was shot on Sunday in the city of San Bernardo and shows a group of tourists crowded around a dolphin, petting and touching it.

Another innocent animal loses its life at the hands of nature-unconscious people, some witnesses said the dolphin was alive initially, but that the crowd let him die by keeping him out of the water.


This tragic and senseless death shows how some people’s focus on obtaining an animal selfie rather than thinking of the animal’s wellbeing, we need to create more awareness about the respect and care we must give to wild animals, with the aim of creating responsible tourists. Sadly, this time human egoism triumphs again over the great mother nature.

A dolphin’s body is not designed for land, its own body weight, which is supported by buoyancy in the ocean but is not supported when beached on land. To lie on land puts tremendous pressure on their fins and lungs, making it incredibly difficult for the dolphin to breathe, besides that, a dolphin’s blubber keeps the animal’s temperature well-regulated in the water but causes them to overheat quickly out of the water.

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