Dog Finally Freed After 15 Years Chained Up In Backyard

Bear is a senior dog who has spent 15 years chained up to a dog house in a Suffolk County, New York backyard, doing his best to survive harsh winters,  fastened up with a heavy chain, and apparently receiving little care. Fortunately, one call to the animal rescue group Guardians of Rescue (GOR) changed his life and helped him find freedom.

On January 23, he woke up to a whole new life; one that is comforting and filled with the love and attention that had been absent throughout his entire life up until now.


GOR spoke with the irresponsible dog’s owner, who agreed to surrender the canine to the rescue group. The group happily took ownership of the hound – who they report was all bark and no bite – and decided to ensure that the rest of his life will be lived in comfort. After his jailbreak, the dog was loaded into a car and taken to an animal spa to receive some well-deserved pampering and medical care.

Guardians of Rescue ultimately plan to find a forever home for Bear, somewhere he can live out the rest of his days spoiled with affection, but until then the group plans to help the canine experience some of the things he has missed, as burger feasts, car rides, trips to the beach, dog parks and much more.

Owners need to learn that animal cruelty does not only refer to hard physical damage but also to not giving the right care and attention. When someone decides to own a pet it’s necessary that they realize it is a very serious commitment they are taking and is everybody works to help find a happy ending to this kind of situations.

GOR said “One phone call from someone in the community set the wheels in motion that have changed Bear’s life. That’s a true success story and why we exist.”

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