Huge Cobra On The Loose Terrorizes Entire Apartment Complex Toilets

Is there anything more terrifying than a giant venomous snake living in your toilet, waiting to bit your right thigh while you are answering nature’s call? Yeah, I figured there is not, and the residents of this apartment complex in Pretoria, South Africa, think so too. They have been hysterics ever since last Tuesday, at around 9 a.m. when an 8-foot cobra suddenly appeared in their toilet.

The video above shows professional snake catcher Barry Greenshields attempting to grab the creature, unfortunately, his best efforts weren’t enough. The snake, now angry, disappeared down the toilet and escaped capture.

Greenshields went knocking on different apartment doors, trying to find it. When he left the building that day, he advised residents to keep their toilet lids closed. Later, he returned to put cameras in the pipes to track it.


The snake hasn’t been seen on any other complex toilet since its first appearance. Greenshields thinks it may have grown sluggish due to a lack of food and may stay coiled down in a pipe somewhere until it gets hungry.

People are scare, with all reason, due to the imminent danger of its bite and poison, some have suggested taking matters into their own hands and pouring disinfectant or hot water into the toilets to kill it. But Greenshields insist on trying to get the snake out of the pipes without hurting it, after all, it’s nothing more than a trapped wild animal.


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