Is This The New Tinder For Orangutans? Zoo Lets Female Primate Choose Mate On A Tablet

A danish zoo has developed a ‘Tinder’ for orangutans in order to track mating preferences.

They have shown a female orangutan potential mates on an iPad to see if she will choose one in order to improve her mating chances. The aim is to gain greater insight into how female orangutans make their mating choices, Thomas Bionda, a behavioral biologist at the zoo, told Dutch broadcaster NOS.

Since the male orangutan could come from as far away as Singapore, the zoo also hopes to increase the chances of a successful encounter.


The four-year experiment is called “Tinder for orangutans” and the Apenheul primate park in Apeldoorn will let 11-year-old Samboja look at potential partners from an international breeding scheme.

The “Tinder” experiment is part of a broader look at the part emotions play in primate relationships.The biologist said: “Emotion is of huge evolutionary importance. If you don’t interpret an emotion correctly in the wild, it can be the end of you.”

In some pictures, the primates were shown with neutral expressions. In others, they were shown with angry or happy expressions. They found the animals were alert to the emotions of their peers.

We all truly hope Samboja gets to find her soulmate!

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