Saudi Prince Bought 80 First-Class Tickets So He Could Take His Falcons On flight With Him

The United Arab Emirates is one of the regions where falconry is a popular sport, for which the birds are bred in high numbers there. Besides that fact, the royal family in Saudi Arabia are known for their insurmountable wealth and for their lavish expenses.
A Saudi prince has bought plane tickets for his 80 falcons to ensure their safe travel and the photo is going viral.


In the Middle East, falcons often fly first class with their owners. The UAE even requires falcons to travel with their own passports. The law was issued in 2002 to help reduce illegal trade in the species.
Reddit user ‘Lensoo’ uploaded the photo of the birds traveling first class after his “captain friend” sent him the photo of the hawks.

In the Middle East, falcons are the ultimate status symbol, and it’s become routine for some falcon owners to have their birds join them aboard flights, no matter if they’re traveling in first class or economy.
This week, videos and photos of a cabin full of the treasured birds went viral on social media.

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