Dog Saves Another Dog’s Life From Rushing Rapids

A tale of heroism and one dog saving the life of his partner in crime. The incident happened in Córdoba, Argentina, video tapped by Rafael Franciulli. 

In the video above, which has racked up millions of views through multiple postings online, a black Labrador leaps into a river to fetch a tree branch but gets pulled along by the rushing rapids. His concerned and quick-thinking friend grabs onto the other end of the branch as his buddy dangerously floats through a choppy, tight passage, and pulls the other dog to safety.


The dogs’ owner, Rafael Franciulli from Argentina, posted the video to Youtube. When commenters criticized him for recording the incident instead of helping rescue the pup, the man explained that the river rapids did not lead to a waterfall but rather another, wider pool. He then posted another video showing the safe poll, as well.

Pet owners are reminded to stay in shallow water and near edges of the shore with their dogs. If your dog is still learning to swim, keep them on a leash and get in the water with your dog. In a river, creek or lake, keep a life jacket on your dog and be cautious of the current. Never leave your pet alone in the water.

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