Squirrels Have Stolen Over 40 Candy Bars from Toronto Convenience Store

The owners of a convenience store in the Canadian city of Toronto have used social media for trying to find help after squirrels began stealing their merchandise. So far, the store has lost more than 40 chocolate bars.

The video was meant to get advice on how to deal with pesky pests, but videos showing squirrels stealing chocolate bars from a store have gone viral. “A lot of people were shocked initially,” Jenny Kim, daughter of the store’s owners, Paul and Juliet Kim, told Global News while talking about the reaction to the videos.


“We have a close-knit community here, so a lot of customers will be coming by and talking about how they saw the video.” She said the first video was shot and posted in October and the second video was shot in November and posted in January.
She said people mostly recommended putting up a fence, which Jenny said would affect accessibility, or closing the door. But during warmer days, it’s too difficult to operate. “During the fall time, it was pretty hot so we had to keep the door open,” she said.
Jenny said the family is hoping for a more effective solution to stop the thieving squirrels, but for now, the weather is on their side.

“Since it’s winter time, we can afford to keep the door closed. But hopefully, during the spring and summer time, the squirrels won’t learn to come back.”

We truly hope that the squirrels won’t come back looking for revenge during spring and summer time.

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