Jellyfish Washed Up Wallpaper-like On Australian Beach

Thousands of blue blubber jellyfish have washed up on an Australian beach, surprising locals, and marine experts. Charlotte Lawson, 24, took photos of the jellyfish at Queensland’s Deception Bay after noticing an unusual color in the water.

“[When] we got closer we realized it was jellyfish,” she told the BBC. “It was like bubble wrap across the beach.”

Even when is consider a common sight on Australia’s east coast, the mildly venomous marine stinger is rarely seen in such numbers.


Meanwhile, Marine biologist Lisa-Ann Gershwin was considerably impressed and said the phenomenon was probably caused by a combination of factors including warmer waters, abundant nutrients and an absence of predators.

However, she also expected the jellyfish to dry out on the sand and be eaten by birds.


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