Special Needs Cheerleading Team Adds a New Dog Member to Performs

A special needs cheer team from Northeast Ohio has an extra special member joining their routines. Team Zeta has a special weapon, his name is Cyclone, a Golden Retriever who helps 7-year-old Harrison Chmura, who is non-verbal, stay focused.

Harrison’s father, John Chmura says Cyclone has been a big help for his son.


“He’ll go up to them now and initiate interaction and dance with them, plays with them, and that was something when we started Harrison wasn’t doing at all,” said John Chmura, Harrison’s dad.

Team Zeta performed in Cleveland on Sunday and now is headed with Cyclone to Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando, Fla.

According to AJ Gamin, Cheer World Co-owner, this is the first time that they know of a service dog participating on the competitive mat.

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