Puppy Bowl XIII Was A Great Success

The Puppy Bowl, as we all may know, is an annual television program that mimics an American football bowl game which is similar to the Super Bowl, but using puppies. The aim of this initiative is incentivizing people to adopt dogs instead of buying.

78 adoptable puppies competed in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII this last February 5.


From 34 shelters in 22 states, the 78 pups – half starters, half back-up players – on  Tema Fluff or Team Ruff competed for the championship.

This year the Puppy Bowl included the participation of three dogs with special needs: Doobert, who is deaf; Lucky, who is three-legged; and Winston, who is both hearing and sight impaired.  They sure played hard to win loving homes.

While watching it is inevitable to feel joy just knowing that all of those pups found loving families to adopt them.

If you miss it, AnimalPlanet/PuppyBowl have information on where you can see the entire show.

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