Is It A Dog? Is It A Cat? Incredible Pet Goes Viral As It Baffles Animal Lovers

This incredible pet has become an internet sensation as animal lovers try to decide if it is a dog or cat. After one Twitter user posted the picture, asking followers to decide between canine or feline, the striking portrait has gone viral.


It turns out the mystery animal is very much the cat’s whiskers. He is Persian kitten named Atchoum that suffers from hypertrichosis, a rare congenital condition otherwise known as werewolf syndrome. He lives with his devoted owner in Quebec, Canada.


The viral sensation has his own website where an army of fans posts stunning artwork depicting his incredible features.

In his profile section, Atchoum explains how he was born in May 2014 and later gifted to a vet in Quebec where his owner Natalie works as a groomer. It reads: “She asked the veterinarian if she could adopt me since I was so adorable.

Atchoum the viral cat

 “She agreed and I found me forever home with two humans, two children, and three other cats. “It is a good thing my mom is a groomer because my crazy long hairs on my face are thick like a dog.

She doesn’t overgroom me since she likes my mad scientist look!


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