Thugs Give Hamster Cannabis And Hallucinogenic Drug LSD, Then Film Its Reaction In Sickening Video

Corey Lee Destrow, 22, of Brock Close, Lancaster and Nchinmunya Ntembe, 22, of Cypress Close, Lancaster have been charged with animal cruelty offenses after this video went viral.

The video shows the cruel thugs laughing at Mr. Chow –  the hamster – as it drinks a pop soda mixed with the hallucinogenic, an then eating a cannabis leave. 

Cruel thug gives hamster LSD then films its reaction

Not being evil enough, four dogs were found at the premises, in Kingsway, Heysham. Three of which were emaciated and undernourished. Two mastiff dogs, Faith and Zeus, belonging to Ntembe had fractured skulls believed to have been caused by blunt trauma.

Ntembe was handed a four-month prison sentence for causing unnecessary suffering to two Mastiff type dogs and giving cannabis and LSD to a hamster. 

Cruel thug gives hamster LSD then films its reaction

While Destrow appealed his eight-week prison sentence for giving cannabis and LSD to the hamster for his own enjoyment. Later, his sentence was reduced to 12 months of community service, with 80 unpaid work hours and a ban from keeping animals during two years.

“Animal cruelty is a serious offense and in my opinion I welcome to prison, we are pleased with the result.” said Sarah Hayland, an inspector for the animal welfare charity RSPCA.

All animals have been rehomed after being returned to health by RSPCA.


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