You Need To Check Out This Unvelibable Friendship Between A Dog And A Bird Caught On Camera

At first sight, you might worry that this video will all end very badly but don’t panic, the dog featured in this video isn’t about to eat the magpie that’s manically flapping its wings, it actually shows the unlikely friendship between the two.


This video was taken in China, and it shows them playing together and chasing one another. The dog jumps around the bird which tries to hop on its back while flapping its wings.

The person filming, who is believed to be the dog owner’s neighbor, can be heard speaking in Chinese and saying ” “This is so interesting, never seen anything like this before.”

Astounded by their relationship, they then ask whether the dog ever bites the magpie.

The owner replies: “Never, they just want to play, they always get together and play every afternoon.”

The magpie apparently only trusts this one pooch, as the owner adds: “The bird won’t play with any other dog.”

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