Big Dog Loves Newborn Kitten

Against all odds, this one-year-old German Shepherd Rottweiler named Takoda fills with love when he is left alone with a tiny newborn kitten for the first time. 

Takoda owners said “My cat had kittens a couple days ago. She’s not protective at all. She just lets us pick them up and lets the dog lick them. “ The owner also said that he’s always had cats but he has never seen a kitten.


The dog is clearly intrigued by them. He did not think twice before he started licking and petting them in a loving way. This proves that the true nature of dogs is caring and nonaggressive. If you teach your dog to be violent things will turn out badly, on the other hand, if you teach your dog to live and share with other pets, you may be surprised by the results.

Cats and dogs don’t have to hate each other all the time.

Teach your pets to love instead of hate.


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