Heroic Cows Saves Cat From Agressive Dog

I had always though that we don’t give enough credit to cows, they are amazingly caring and loving animals, but most of all, we often underestimate their emotional intelligence.

This interesting video shows three heroic cows who come to the rescue of an injured cat attack by a dog. It is easy to observe how the three cows stand behind the scared cat just like they were his bodyguards.


The cows frightened the aggressive dog in order to help the trapped cat defend himself.

At the end of the video, once the injured cat was safe, you can see how the cows take a big interest in the cat as they started smelling and sort of petting him. It is like they wanted to make sure he is alright. 

I guess cows know how it feels to be a less fortunate animal – not really, just a joke.

Watch and be amazed.


Chanel Pols

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