Little Hamsters Ride Toy Scooters

In several occasions, web users have proven that you only need an adorable animal and a video tape recorder to break the internet with creative viral content. And these hamsters are no the exception.

The video shows two little hamster riding scale toy scooters, I have to admit that the creation of this scene is nearly perfect and the actors very talented.


Due to being used in many experiments, hamters have shown that they are well capable of learning, but – I mean this is ridiculous- even some people have trouble riding a scooter.

These hamsters found a new a way to travel around. Instead of using their legs to scurry across the floor, this duo hopped on toy scooters to get to their destinations in style.

I’m sure this hilarious video would make your day!

For now on, these cute hamsters would be too busy facing the traffic jam.


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