Tinny Funny Kitten Takes a Bath

It is a matter of fact that cats do not enjoy taking a bath and even try to avoid them as well as they can. I guess there is an exception to every rule, this adorable kitten is not only a desperate pink lover but -for our surprise- she also loves taking bubble baths.

This princess called Morning can be seen pretty happy while her owner fitted her with a shower cap. The video shows the kitten plopped into a bubble bath using a little pink shower cap with all the necessary paraphernalia.


She relaxed in the water clearly enjoying and relaxed as her owner scrubbed every inch of her body clean.

I found this video by accident and is one of the best I’ve have seen in a while. It is absolutely unbelievable how comfortable and relaxes she looks.

Good for this little lady embracing what she loves to do despite what her fellow cats may think.

I personally fell in love this spoiled kitten!



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