Amazing Albino Snake Mating And Giving Birth

This incredible video really looks like something took out of the outer-space. It is not a surprise that albino wild and domestic animals can be truly impressing, but this albino snake has to be the best example.

The white, yellow and light purple snake has big red eyes and It is such a majestic creature that for many people It may seem like an evil character waiting for you to harm. But do not fear, actually these are garter snakes wich is the common name given to the nearly harmless, small to medium-sized snakes.


This footage shows an albino snake primary mating and later on giving birth to 3 red eye baby albino snakes recorded at what it seems to be an actual home. It is not rare find these kinds of snakes as domestical pets.

In my opinion, this is another breathtaking prove of mother nature beauty. 


I can beat that even if you are not a big fan of reptiles – wich I’m actually not-, this video will still blow your mind. And if you do are a reptile lover  I have to say you can not miss this footage. 

Watch it and be amazed. You won’t regret it.


WOA Reptile Channel

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